taking man back into the wild

Into the Wild


The main focus of our Into the Wild programme is to help provide and facilitate a unique wilderness experience. During the weekend you’ll have the opportunity to learn a few new skills, step out of your comfort zone a little (or a lot!), and generally have a great time doing it! You’ll get to rub shoulders with some great men and hopefully finish the weekend standing a little taller, and feeling a little more comfortable in your … um … masculinity. (Hopefully that word didn’t sound too new-age and corny.) And also knowing that should everything turn to custard, you can take your family out into the bush and survive … at least for a few hours!

Held on a remote and stunning Central Plateau property in the Makakahi Valley (without cell phone reception!), it's a prime location to experience a taste of New Zealand's magnificent back country. The two parts to the weekend course includes a series of modules on topics such as:

  • Outdoor First Aid
  • Navigation
  • Bushcraft
  • Firearm Safety & Use
  • Game Animal Harvest & Preparation


These are all taught by our experienced team of facilitators - most of whom have had extensive training in the outdoors and working with groups in wilderness settings.

The second part of the weekend finishes with the infamous Wildman Challenge - an exciting event designed to test skills learnt the previous day (plus a few more!) in a fun, yet challenging team competition. Some of the challenges include:

  • Digger driving
  • Shooting
  • Abseiling
  • Butchery
  • Raft-building
  • ... and much more!


Food is a pretty important part of what we do, and in typical Wildman fashion, it's all cooked on open fires. However, don't fret that you might be served up a burnt sausage with some undercooked potatoes - our cooks love their food and enjoy creating gourmet meals (relatively speaking!) and plenty of it! All meals and drinks are provided from Friday's dinner, to Sunday's lunch - and everything in between. You won't be disappointed!

Upcoming Into the Wild courses:

Our next available course will be run on the TBC. Spaces are limited and people will be booked on a first-come-first-served basis. The only requirements are that you're a man, you're 16 years or older and that you have a reasonable level of fitness ... i.e. you should be able to climb a flight of stairs without passing out!

To find out more, please send us an email at info@wildman.co.nz or call Mike on 021 498 763.