taking man back into the wild

About Us

Well, without sounding like a bunch of know-it-all Bear Grylls wannabe’s, we’re simply some outdoor loving guys who see an opportunity to help men rediscover what it means to be a man. And when we talk about a man, we don’t mean being experts in rugby, racing and beer!

So why WILDman? The idea of the ‘wild’ part is there are some things that can only be discovered when you’re outside your comfort zone … and to be honest, we reckon that happens best in nature. For most of us, our lives are filled with things that make us comfortable – things that we can control. But nature isn’t inner-sprung – it isn’t prefabricated and can’t be controlled by the remote. Nature is wild.

It’s uncontrollable. It’s dangerous. It’s majestic … and there’s something about the outdoors that has the ability to strip men of their facades, and reveal what’s really going on. One of the keys of being a man, is having the self-belief that you’ve got what it takes … when it counts. And overcoming the challenges found in the wilderness, is a great way to get there.

So here at Wildman, we’re incredibly fortunate to have access to some pretty remote wilderness areas – and a bunch of guys involved who’re pretty experienced in playing in it. So a big part of what we’re about, are the courses we run. From Father & Son weekends to full-on wilderness adventures for men – our programmes are designed to help the masculine heart come alive … and have a great time while doing it!

So there you have it …

Taking men back into the wild

The Team