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Huntech Sponsorship

Posted by coondog on 27 August 2015


Wildman is stoked to announce that Huntech Outdoors has agreed to come on board as a sponsor! Managing Director, David Icke, is keen to support our work and sees some exciting synergy between Huntech and Wildman. Huntech is one of the oldest outdoor clothing manufacturing companies in New Zealand, and one of the first to work with fleece. Like the majority of such businesses, their main manufacturing now happens offshore, however, an important point of difference is that Huntech actually own their factory in China. This gives them much more control over their product and their staff's working environment.

Huntech logo Yellow

I've been using their gear for many years, and still have some original product from when it was manufactured in a garage in the Hutt Valley - and it's still going strong! I personally endorse their gear - and even though we were offered sponsorship from another manufacturer - we chose to turn down their kind offer and chase down Huntech.

Adults Camo Olive Fleece Pack web

One of the benefits of this deal is that we're able to offer their fleece clothing packs at a good rate. This offer is only available to those who come on one of our courses. The quality five-piece pack is well worth the money and offers substantial savings. If you'd like one of these packs, you simply place your order with us upon registering for a course, and when you arrive, the pack will be there waiting for you. (Wildman passes all savings on to you - we don't dip our fingers into it at all!)

These packs contain the following: 180gsm Pant, 180 Beanie, 180 Tee, 180 Sweatshirt and 180 Singlet and are offered in sizes XS-7XL. (Kids sizes are also available)

We're also hoping to provide a quality polo shirt with both the Huntech and Wildman logo. Stay tuned for more info!

So, if you're after some more gear, have a serious think about Huntech - by supporting them, you're supporting us! (Their gators and two-man bivvy are legendary!) You can find their range at most Hunting and Fishing stores throughout New Zealand.

Cheers, Mike...