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How to Skin & Clean a Rabbit

Posted by Coondog on 10 June 2014

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My boys and I were out shooting rabbits on a neighbours farm the other night. It was cheap entertainment - all it cost was a few rounds of .22 ammo, some diesel for my ute ... and time. And it was time well spent! The boys had a blast on the spotlights and we even managed to shoot a few - including an unlucky hare.

Shooting rabbits is pretty much the typical kiwi kid's introduction to hunting - and it's not too difficult to get into. Most farmers are more than willing to have a responsible hunter or two have a crack at reducing the rabbit population - and a father & son team is even better! Most cockies I know love the idea of a dad investing time with his boy (or girl!) in the outdoors.

Here at Wildman, we're all about the experience - and, we're all about the utilisation of game birds and animals for food. Too many of us shoot rabbits, only to leave them for the hawks... but they're actually well worth the effort of preparing for the table. Skinning and gutting a rabbit is pretty easy and quick - especially if you have the right technique. Now, I was considering shooting a video to show the process - but at the moment, it's in the too hard basket. So when I found Steven Rinella's video on the process (from MeatEater hall of fame), I figured I may as well use his! Steve's video is how we were taught to do it, and it's so easy, your kids will be doing it in no time at all!

The only thing left to do, is sort out some great rabbit recipes. And for this, Google is your friend!


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