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Luke's First Roar Trip

Posted by Henry on 29 March 2012

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Check out the photo below of Luke (3 years old) on his first roar trip in the hills near Rotorua. No stags were roaring yet but we had some great 1-on-1 time together. It awesome to see how well young kids adapt to the bush environment and love camping out. I think often children will look to their parents to see if they can achieve something or not, and if we show confidence in them they develop a natural interest in the outdoors.

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Map & Compass Basics

Posted by Coondog on 23 March 2012


If you've done one of our Into the Wild courses, you would've spent some time looking at basic navigation techniques using a map and compass. This can be a confusing topic for some - especially when throwing around words like magnetic declination and map topography. The reality is, it's quite a simple process once you get your head around it - particularly now, with some much simpler teaching methods to adjust for magnetic declination. Anyway, as a reminder for those who've done the course and as a simple reference for others, we thought a blog on the topic could be helpful. You'll need to have some basic knowledge on how to read a topographic map for this to make sense - and in New Zealand, the best maps to use are the new(ish) Topo50 maps put out by Land Information NZ (LINZ).

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Wildman goes international!

Posted by Coondog on 19 March 2012


HKIS students

HKIS students - Into the Wild

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Into the Wild

Posted by Coondog on 1 March 2012


Our next Into the Wild event is confirmed! Check out the dates below and if you want more details on the programme, click HERE or send us an email. Make sure you get in quick though - there's limited space available.

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