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2014 Round-up... so far

Posted by Coondog on 9 June 2014


Ok, it should be pretty obvious by now, that we're not the world's best bloggers. Rather than coming in thick and fast, we sort of trickle them out ... one-by-one ... and only because of the overriding guilt that we haven't been more on-to-it! The reality is, we should be much better at it - in fact, we need to be! We've had a bunch of programmes already in 2014 - and nothing has been written about them (and they were fantastic - if I do say so myself!). We're always testing new outdoor gear - (because we're all gear freaks) - and haven't let anyone know what new peices of kit we've been playing with - and whether it's worthwhile, or a load of rubbish! Most of the team have been involved in plenty of adventures over the last 6 months - everything from 4wd trips over the Nevis Track, hunting red stags over the roar, helicoptering up Cecil Peak, panning for gold ... and much more! Yet, none of us have bothered sharing our stories - and hopefully inspiring others to do the same!

Anyway, bear with us - we're a work in progress and hope to up our game over the next few months. But for now, here's a little round-up of a couple of programmes we ran earlier this year.


In Feb this year, we ran an 'Into the Wild' course down in Queenstown for Little Brown Kiwi - an adventure education company working primarily with international high schools. We had 20 17-18 year old young men join us on an adventure  - experiencing things they'll never forget! The school (Singapore American School) were keen on a South Island based course, as opposed to the winterless north, so we had some work to do...

Nokomai web1

Nokomai River and base for 'Into the Wild' southern style!

Nokomai web2

Nokomai brownie :)

Getting this course organised in the South Island, required a reccy, as we normally run them up here in the north. So, I flew down in December to figure out some likely looking spots with good mate and hunting guide, Taz. He knew the lay of the land better than most, and after a couple of days checking some spots, we settled on Nokomai Station (about an hour south of Queenstown). What helped seal the deal, was a whizz around in their chopper to check out likely spots, and a nice 5lb brownie I caught (and released) in the Nokomai River. Nokomai Station is about 110,000 acres - so a helicopter does come in handy!

Here are a few pics from the course...

LBK Wildman 3

Coondog supervising the shooting

LBK Wildman 2

Henners about to take kids fly-fishing

LBK Wildman 1

The infamous SAS gnome...

LBK Wildman 5

Sausages on the fire

LBK Wildman 14

Taz about to give a deer butchery lesson

LBK Wildman 11

Raw back steak... mmm!

LBK Wildman 7

The boys with their venison dinner

LBK Wildman 9

Coondog & Taz - a couple of wild men!

LBK Wildman 8

Henners feasting ... as per usual

At this point, I was going to show a few pics of our Father & Son weekend we had recently - but this blog is already photo hungry, so we might leave it for another! Anyway, the Into the Wild - Southern Styles was a huge success - and we look forward to our next one... 

 Thanks to LBK for working with a bunch of rednecks like us - and for letting us develop and run our programme how we want. Also, big thanks to Taz for helping get it all sorted - couldn't have done it without you!


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