taking man back into the wild


Wildman is the culmination of an idea first planted in Mike Cooney's thick skull many years ago after spending 22 days on an Outward Bound course. Discovering the power of the wilderness experience - and its ability to transform lives in a well facilitated setting, he reckoned it'd be something he'd love do himself one day ...

However, as the guru Confucius once said, “it takes a village to raise a child”, and this little idea wouldn’t have grown without having a bunch of similar thinking mates to make it happen.

So after plenty of yarns, paradigm shifts, hunting trips and dodgy outdoor activities with many of the crew on these pages, the concept was birthed. A website was then bought, the team came together, and by some miracle of God, Wildman was launched.

Now that's an incredibly brief history - so you'll have to fill the blanks yourself. Websites aren't meant to be novels ...

Wildman NZ est. 1972±