taking man back into the wild


“Dear Mike and the whole team at Wildman:

It was a real pleasure to take part in a such a well planned adventure with highly skilled and professional operators. The weekend was really well organised and somehow you managed to deliver the program at the right level for us, a group of 30 - 50 year old guys from a range of different backgrounds. That must have been a big ask, but your humour mixed with a purpose and clear plan really worked. Everyone in your team used their different skills to deliver a different part of the program to a really high standard - and there was plenty of good quality food provided throughout the time to keep our energy and spirits up!

The biggest thing for me, as someone who works in adventure education, is that I am more than satisfied that the schools and students that we work with will be in capable hands when they take part in an experience delivered by Mike and the team.

Thanks for a great Wildman adventure. For those of us who are spending an increasing amount of time indoors and on laptops, I couldn't recommend this experience more!”

– Henry Ballantyne (Director, Little Brown Kiwi Adventure Education)


“The "Wildman NZ" weekend far exceeded my expectations, in that it was indeed Real Kiwi Bloke friendly, exciting, challenging, stretching and cleverly designed weekend, to restore the missing parts of a Real Kiwi Bloke; and without revealing details, I am sure anyone who attends will be better informed and will appreciate the Kiwi psyche and will become more of a Man. I'll be back for more I am sure.”

– Paul Averes


“A very refreshing and inspiring weekend, with competent, professional facilitators, ensuring a fun filled and educational experience. Thanks Mike I had a great time.”

– James Murdie


“Hi Mike,

I hope you are well – thanks again for a fantastic weekend. My thoughts about the weekend are still forming in some ways – to my surprise, coming back to the city was a shock – everything in the city is laid on to stimulate the senses, feed the eyes, and remove us from the basic reality of survival. Going bush, in hindsight, was a fantastic way to remove oneself from all this artificial sensory overload we have got used to, and connect us again to what is real, and simple. It was fantastic to connect with nature, the way we used to and probably the way we were meant to. Doing fun guy stuff like shooting guns and driving a digger was obviously sheer enjoyment, while facing the fear of abseiling and working in a team building rafts etc was a great mix of activity to challenge, inspire and learn about ourselves. I learnt a lot about myself, not all of it pleasant, most of which I knew anyway but all extremely valuable.”

– Andy de Boer


“I thought the weekend was fantastic. I had been hang’n’ out to do something like that for a while. Hard to beat the location and the company. I think you have a bunch of top guys with an obvious passion for where they live and for what they do. You might say I’m easily pleased but sitting around an open fire in the evening on the banks of a river like that with a cold beer.... magical. The goat wrangling was fun too! As for the cooks – legends the both of them. The Wards for their hospitality – toooo much!! Thanks for the invite and look forward to the next.”

– Greg Nicholson


“What an amazing weekend. A rare opportunity to experience the New Zealand wilderness, with a team of experts who have done it all. If you want to not just learn about ‘going bush’ but taste the real thing, then this is unbeatable. The group of men that I went with, all rated it over 9 out of 10.”

– Ron Kerkhof


“The Wildman Experience was an awesome opportunity to extend our comfort zones. Each man was challenged in a different way whether it be abseiling a cliff, killing a goat or simply spending a long period of time on 'Bush Solo'; to see the growth and confidence that came out of experiencing success in a challenging but safe situation, was fantastic. Wildman experiences are facilitated not only by experts in their field but also by good "men".

The setting of the Wildman experiences is spectacularly remote. It is like you are in a different world and the stresses of the outside world are left behind as soon as you hit the dusty road and the "No Network" sign appears on your iPhone. Those stresses are replaced by the challenges of the environment. Challenges such as starting a fire, building a waterproof bivvy or navigating your way around the peninsular that juts out into the pristine river.”

– James Lovegrove


Hi Mike,

On behalf of Dan and I, what a magnificent weekend: location, weather, met some great people and a great excuse to get out of Auckland – and  a reminder of what a great outdoors we have in NZ.

The success of the weekend was you and your team of passionate individuals who obviously enjoy the outdoors and are keen to share it with others.

Have put out word to friends of the weekend so hopefully they will register on your site!

– Dave Dowden